Commandant Coustou

Commander Coustou

Initiated in the fall of 2013 by five musicians from Lyon, the group initially met around a set of covers of Trinidadian calypsos from the 40s and 60s.
They decide to reinvest music from another era and another horizon but which makes them vibrate deeply.

After having cut their teeth together and explored the richness of this little-known repertoire, Commander Coustou quickly sets sail towards other horizons and integrates everyone's favorites and influences: Cuban sound, Martinican beguine, Haitian songs... By keeping the spirit of calypso - the thunderous flow of the song is there, the bongos and the Trinidadian claves too - the sound of the crew is enriched and diversified, with the incredible abundance of Afro-Caribbean music infusion.

But this calypso comes from a peninsula on the Rhône, far from the islands of the West Indian arc. After having “made its honey” from all this distant music, the group is currently working on original compositions, which are already blending into the live repertoire.

Since launching on March 22, 2014 (the first concert), Commandant Coustou has traveled the sometimes rough seas of the music scene.