Retour en stock : Sudor y Arena de Passion Coco

MaAuLa Records produced the group's first album, Sudor y Arena, in 2017, followed by Saga Cosmica in 2021. It is renewing its collaboration with Passion Coco for a third album due in December 2024.
Making their mark on the international scene, French quartet Passion Coco draw their inspiration from psychedelic cumbia and chicha. Looking for upbeat rhythms and catchy melodies? You've come to the right place! Sudor y Arena is a veritable sunbathing experience that will take you straight to the tropics!
Blending traditional and modern sounds, the reception received at the time of release was unmistakable: immediate sell-out. Get ready to revisit this classic of cumbia music. Sudor y Arena on pre-order now on red vinyl, due in late July. Limited edition!
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