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MaAuLa is also MaAuLa Productions, producer of live shows.
You are preparing a special event, whether it is an exhibition, a corporate event or a special celebration. You know that music and stage are the key elements to creating an unforgettable atmosphere. But how do you make sure everything runs smoothly, without worries or hassles?

This is where MaAuLa Productions comes into play. With proven experience in producing live shows and a deep passion for music, we are your ideal partner to bring your events to life, from A to Z.

Why choose MaAuLa Productions for your event?

1. Complete Expertise: Our experienced team manages the entire process, from design to completion. You can count on our expertise in music programming, technical production, administration and event management to make sure everything runs smoothly.

2. Eclectic Music: Music is the heart of any successful event. We collaborate with talented artists from diverse musical backgrounds to deliver memorable performances, from live bands to DJs to exotic artists who take the senses on a journey. The artists that we will offer you will not only be from the MaAuLa Records catalog but from very varied universes and genres.

3. Limitless Creativity: We are ready to take on any challenge. Let us surprise you with original ideas, personalized decors, and unique scenographies to make your event unforgettable.

4. Peace of mind for you: You do not have to worry about technical, administrative or logistical details. We manage everything so you can focus on your audience and enjoy every moment.

5. Budget-Friendly Design: We understand the importance of staying within your budget. We work with you to create solutions tailored to your needs while ensuring the quality of the event.

They trusted MaAuLa:

Expo Angers Fair 2023CMCAS Loire AtlantiqueCity of PontarlierLoire Events OrganizationDestination AngersPeasant ConfederationScaniaTHAT
La Puyfolaise RestaurationAmnesty InternationalINRAEMATE (Portugal)
And so many others...

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Let MaAuLa Productions transform your event into a memorable experience. Whether you want an energetic ambiance, an ethnic ambiance, a dance party or an intimate acoustic evening, we have the expertise to make your dreams come true.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and find out how MaAuLa Productions can bring your event to life into an unforgettable spectacle.

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