Des Lions Pour Des Lions

Lions For Lions

Wild animals without borders.
Formed six years ago in Angers, Des Lions Pour Des Lions is an atypical group composed of Elisabeth Herault (vocals and saxophone), Alain Lardeux (Boochon, trombone), Freddy Boisliveau (guitar), and Cédric Maurel (Momo, percussion ). Their second album, 'No(s) Border', on the MaAula Records label, fuses ethnic jazz, rock, and various influences. With unusual instrumentation including two brass instruments, a Rajasthani drum, an electric guitar, and vocals, the group creates a unique alchemy. Their tracks evolve in pulsations, exploring the primitive and trance, recalling influences such as Captain Beefheart, Talking Heads, and Sons Of Kemet. The music, wild and ambitious, speaks to the wild instinct that lies dormant in each of us, offering a magic potion to free souls and rediscover the taste of dancing and roaring in complete freedom.