Hawaiian Pistoleros

Hawaiian Gunslingers

​​Gathered in 2011 at the initiative of guitarist Vassili Caillosse, one of the rare French practitioners of the "steel guitar", the Hawaiian Pistoleros are musicians from Rennes and Nantes from diverse backgrounds: all play and have played in numerous formations of the West, ranging from folk-rock (Santa Cruz, Bruno Green...) to song (Monsieur Roux) to street performance (Sergent Pépère...), and have been multiplying cross-collaborations for more than 10 years , thus forging a solid musical bond.
Initially, the Hawaiian Pistoleros jubilantly explored American popular music from the interwar period, with a marked interest in Western Swing and so-called "Hawaiian" music, two musical genres very little represented in France and rarely played. But as their wanderings progress, they deviate from the path of simple “revival” to offer their own arrangements in more modern and personal tones.

In 2015, the arrival of Vincent Dupas aka My Name Is Nobody, on vocals and Baritone guitar, completed this mutation, thus allowing the continuation of this musical journey in an imaginary America, where disillusioned folk singers mingle happily. , hula dancers and country guitarists..

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